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March 13, 2003 - Web Site Redesign Completed

We've completed a major overhaul of New highlights include:

Deviance Office: Left home without your breviary? From the home page, you can get today's gospel; morning, evening, night prayers, and the Office of Readings; and the liturgical calendar.

Catholic News: Get current with feeds from the Vatican News Service, Zen it and the Catholic News Service.

Apologetic Tract Section - by topic.

Prayer Board: We're posting prayer requests. Send yours to

12 Steps with Scripture: New article on 12 step programs integrated with scripture. Did you know that a Jesuit priest helped form this 20th century spiritual program.

Confessions of St. Augustine: The first volume in our online digital library.

News articles. Some original, some reprints, some linked including several from our very own Fr. James M. Sullivan, O. P.

What Color is Your Spirituality? Click one of the links under "Pick-A-Style." (lower left of your screen). Also offers higher contrast for the visually impaired.

Gift Shop: We offer evangelical and apologetic books and tapes online. You can also register for special events at the gift shop. Don't forget to tell your friends about our upcoming "Fatherhood as Vocation" retreat conference.

Now that the mechanics and coding are done, (well, mostly done) we can now start focusing on content. We encourage third order members, especially Dominicans, to submit articles, treatises and content. We're also interested in hearing about your favorite sites. We welcome content from anyone as long as it conforms with the magisterium and is evangelical in tone.

Fatherhood as Vocation Retreat & Conference

Fathers, embrace and reclaim your vocation through this weekend retreat conference of learning and support. Explore the history and theology of fatherhood and the domestic church in scripture and the catechism. Based on the teachings of the Magisterium and the St. Joseph Covenant Keepers. April 4-6 at St. Anselm’s Abby For information call Steve Graves at (301) 773-8939 or email at More. . .

Free hosting for Catholic organizations
January 23, 2002 . . . announced today that it will offer free hosting for qualified Catholic organizations. cwlibrary will offer disk space and hosting at no charge to qualified Catholic organizations. Contact for information or call Steve Graves at (301) 773-8899.