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CatholicWitness.Com wants your testimony. Whether you are a cradle Catholic, a convert or a returning lapsed Catholic , your personal witness has power sometimes lacking in "bible-battles" or theological treatises.

Particularly welcome are coming home stories, personal accounts of how Jesus has changed your life and accounts of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Faith is more than on emotion. You will also find on this site articles and links on Catholic faith, spirituality, theology, (T)tradition, prayer, and apologetics - information that can help you know and love Jesus more deeply.

Have your doubts about Catholicism? Many non-catholics have found that what the Church teaches and it's true history are radically different than what they they had been told. Send serious inquiries to editor@catholicwitness.com.

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Steve Graves, OP


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Fatherhood as Vocation Retreat & Conference

Fathers, embrace and reclaim your vocation through this weekend retreat conference of learning and support. Explore the history and theology of fatherhood and the domestic church in scripture and the catechism. Based on the teachings of the Magisterium and the St. Joseph Covenant Keepers. April 4-6 at St. Anselm’s Abby For information call Steve Graves at (301) 773-8939 or email at editor@catholicwitness.com.

How to Become the Kind of
Father God Wants You to Be!

Today's fathers are living in one of the most difficult periods in history. Being a father today isn't easy. But by attending this Conference, any father can learn what it takes to be the best dad and husband he can be.

Answering the Call of Fatherhood Today…

Every father wants to be a good father.
But let's face it: Today's fathers face an uphill battle like nothing we've seen in centuries! You need all the help you can get – especially to become the kind of father God wants you to be!
It's a difficult challenge – but thousands of men today are answering that call with courage and determination to be the best they can be.

You'll learn…

  • How a dad can build a legacy of faith with his children, in a day when 75% of Catholic teens cease practicing their faith before leaving the teen years.
  • The three keys to covenant keeping and effective fatherhood.
  • Timeless examples of fathers who built a legacy of faith.
  • Basic equipment for building an enduring legacy of faith.
  • How your covenant with God can strengthen your marriage.
  • The seven steps for keeping covenant with your children!
  • Learn the times and the places most teens get into trouble.
  • How to tame the TV and the media’s influence.
  • An easy way to filter profanity on TV (your kids will like it!)
  • The fair way to end the debates on what movies your kids will see.
  • How to avoid the three fatal blows that destroy millions of marriages.
  • The most effective way to pass on the faith to your children and grandchildren
  • What fathers of younger children need to know now about the teen years.
  • A proven way to triple your teen’s probability of moral purity.
  • The neglected fathering secret that can dramatically increase your happiness.
  • The 60-second secret for teaching children to obey the first time.

Featured Speakers

  • Dr. Joseph Atkinson, John Paul II Institute
  • Fr. Dan, Saint Anselm's Abby
  • Steve Graves, OP and CatholicWitness Editor